one more?

Sometimes i miss blogging.

There is a blizzard going on outside. I am bored.

I guess now is a good time to tell you my husband got a job! It was one long year since he lost his job. At some moments during the last year, i couldnt see the day in our future when we would both be working. I was running low on hope. These days are different.

I am so..


It couldnt be better timing! I am so in the Christmas spirit this year it is not even funny. I find myself buying more and more things for the needy this year. For the cleaning lady at work. For her kids. For the lady who does my eyebrows. For anyone who i can think of. I am just so thankful, i cant help but spread my cheer!

I dont know if and when the next time i post will be. If anyone happens to read this please have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.



melt with you..

What's new?

Thats normally the first thing i ask someone when i havent seen them in a while.

So, what's new blog? Not much, im sure. You have been sitting pretty waiting for me to sit down and write something, havent you?

But no, i have been too busy for you. Sometimes i feel like life moves to quickly to have time to blog. See, this was my very first attempt at a blog. I have been reading them for years. Sometimes i read blogs because the person has a very interesting life, sometimes i just like to look at their cute kids, other times i think they dress cute and check out their page for inspiration, some bloggers are really funny, others draw me back with their honesty, or with their amazing writing skills. I definitely dont have amazing writing skills (i got straight D's in high school English), and overall i dont think my life is very blog worthy. I mean who wants to read about the 3290482 hockey game we went to this year?!

I dont know, i think i ran out of steam. It was fun in the beginning when i got to vent about wedding stuff. Now its becoming a chore. I have to give it a rest. I just dont feel like blogging anymore!

I will be back, one day. Probably when im knocked up or we are closing on our first home. But for now i will enjoy my time away from the computer with my hubby.

Farewell and goodnight.



We had yet another Devils game. Tonight it was against the Rangers. The arena was a mix of red and blue, equally. We had many Rangers fans near us, they drove me crazy. The game was a nail biter. But guess what?

We lost.

Sam took pictures of me on the train ride home. He said this is how i looked the entire night. He said i am a sore loser.

I am a sore loser.

I need to fix that. If not, the next 10 games that we have tickets to will be miserable if we lose.

I promise to work on this.


theres always tomorrow.

Friday night Sam's band played a show at the Cake Shop. I was so exhausted all day and honestly dreading making the trek into the city for the show. I had THE LONGEST day at work. We were so swamped and i was so busy, and not to mention so tired. I was in no mood to hang out. But, i pulled it together and headed into the city with Dana and Lelah. So many people were at the show, some of which i havent seen since our wedding. It was great to see everyone and get a chance to chat. We left the show to go get some cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. OH MY GOD, SO GOOD! We came back to the show, watched the boys played, then headed home. Not without stopping for a dirty water dog of course! It was a really fun night. I have never been to the the Cake Shop but i really liked it. Everyone who worked there was super nice and not totally pretentious like many other venues in the city. I will definitely go back.

Im just realizing i didnt take any pictures of Sam playing!

Bad wife.

Last night we went to the season opener game for the Devils.

They lost.

I dont want to talk about it.

Yep, im a sore loser.

Now i know why i dont get wrapped up in sports. I get too emotionally attached and when they lose i get depressed. I remember when i was younger i liked the Phoenix Suns. Dont ask why. Ive never even been to Phoenix but i had a thing for those Suns. So anyhow, when they lost to the Bulls in the 93 playoffs i cried for days. If my memory serves me correct i watched the playoffs at our local Bennigans with my parents and even cried at the restaurant. I HATE CRYING IN PUBLIC. Needless to say after that, i was done with sports.

So besides the Devil's losing we had a great weekend. We were very busy but with all good stuff and for that i am thankful. I hope everyone else had an equally awesome weekend.

Minus your team losing.


you can never have too many.

I cant remember a time when i didnt wear a cardigan. I dont know, i guess its just a staple of my wardrobe. Sometimes i buy 2 black cardigans at a time if i can find the perfect one because i know i will wear out the first one and want another perfect black cardigan. Oh and i love when i find them at a great price.

Look what i stumbled upon.

I bought one of each, in these exact colors.

Oh Forever21, how i love thee. Your store is such a mess, but i can always count on finding a steal on your website.


Stay old.

Mr. P's 30th birthday party was great. He said it was his favorite birthday of all time. So i guess i accomplished what i wanted to, give him an awesome birthday.

We started off having friends over for snacks and cupcakes before we left for the bar. We went to the Wicked Monk in Brooklyn where our friend works as a bartender. She hooked us up with a great open bar price. We talked, drank, danced, took millions of pictures, and had a jolly time. Although Sam was pretty bummed to turn 30 you could have never guessed by all the fun he had this week.

He sure looks like a happy 30 year old.

This weekend will be another busy one. Friday Sam's band is playing a show in the city.

Saturday is the Devil's first game of the season and he gets to show off his new jersey.

Busy. busy.

As much as i love having action packed weekends. I am realy looking forward to having a weekend to do NOTHING.

Maybe next weekend.

I hope.


We're gonna party like..

..its Sam's 30th Birthday Bash!!!!!

I have a lot to do today.

- make fresh guacamole and jalapeno popper dip
- get brazilianed
- clean the apartment
- finish the cupcakes and oreo pie
- pick up subs
- pick up booze
- welcome guests
- round up everyone for the van pick up
- head to brooklyn
- party
- head home at 2:30am

Its going to be a (busy) good time!